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  • 13:25Host Opening
  • 13:30VIP Speech
  • 13:40Introduction
  • 13:50Keynote speech : Strategic thinking for digital transformation
  • 14:40Keynote speech : Opportunities and Transformation of Taiwanese Enterprises
  • 15:30Exchange and Summary

In recent years, digital innovation and corporate transformation have been regarded as the driving force of economic growth. Global industries will shift towards digitalization and reshape the traditional economic model. Summarize the key issues, start with self-transformation and study the driving direction of digital innovation and corporate transformation, find the direction of business and promote process transformation by using the demand method, and think about how to systematically drive digital innovation and transformation of the industry. With the transformation of work and life, long-distance working styles, the construction of smart factories, the combination of online and offline, and the innovative application of anti-epidemic technology have all demonstrated the importance of digital innovation and corporate transformation.