The Outlook of Electronics Industry Trends

The Taiwanese electronics industry — the pillar of the nation’s manufacturing sector —has a substantial production revenue amongst the global market share. However, along with the unpredictability of U.S.-China trade and tech war, and the outbreak of coronavirus, which has resulted in enormous crisis in global economics. How to break through the siege and seize the opportunity is important to deal with. Therefore, TEEMA TAITRA, TPCA, TLTAA, PIDA, IPC and TSIA decided to organize “The outlook of Electronic Industry Trends” forum to raise the issues of the outlook of electronics industry trends during the post-pandemic era.

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IisC Forum Part. 1

In order to strengthen the domestic service industry chain and assist enterprises to speed up the process of commercialization, the ITRI, Taiwan Intelligent Internet of Things Information Development Association, TEEMA and TAITRA jointly organized the IisC Forum . In the first half of the forum, the analyst of ITRI will analyze the global AIoT development trends and business opportunities, and Phison Electronics will analyze the challenges and opportunities of the NAND storage industry under the 5G wave. Two startup companies are invited to share the experience of product development.

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IisC Forum Part. 2

IoT Integrated Service Center (IisC) is implemented by ITRI and directed by IDB. IisC is aimed to integrate the trend of IoT product development with Taiwan’s most advantageous semiconductor manufacturing and provide the linkage of the resources needed for technical development and commercialization on an IoT intelligence service platform. IisC, as a one - stop hardware design manufacturing service center, could help innovative IoT startups, small and medium enterprises for technical support, modules, process and business consulting and also provide pilot run service for product optimization in order to speed up the process of commercialization.

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Sustainable Environment Development Forum

In response to international environmental protection concepts, environmental management development trends, and corporate sustainable development strategies and practices, "Sustainable Environment Development Forum " invites masters and experts to share the principle of both environmental protection and industrial development, and helping businesses to reduce energy and resource consumption, improve environmental quality, fulfill corporate social responsibility, and increase corporate green competition.

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Digital Transformation Forum

In recent years, digital innovation and corporate transformation have been regarded as the driving force of economic growth. Global industries will shift towards digitalization and reshape the traditional economic model. Summarize the key issues, start with self-transformation and study the driving direction of digital innovation and corporate transformation, find the direction of business and promote process transformation by using the demand method, and think about how to systematically drive digital innovation and transformation of the industry. With the transformation of work and life, long-distance working styles, the construction of smart factories, the combination of online and offline, and the innovative application of anti-epidemic technology have all demonstrated the importance of digital innovation and corporate transformation.

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Cybersecurity Standard Trends in AIoT Industry Forum

With the acceleration of the two popular technologies of AI and 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) has gradually moved towards a deeper AIoT development. Combining the characteristics of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, giving the "Internet of Things" terminal devices more perception and cognitive "wisdom", it helps humans develop a friendlier and more convenient society and environment. However, the network also has quite smart terminal equipment, and its information security will be one of the key issues for the sound development of AIoT. This seminar will start with the trend of industrial information security standards to understand the current status and development of industrial information security standards at home and abroad. By communicating needs and solutions with information security professionals and AIoT field owners, it is expected to improve the level of information security protection and become a safe, smart IoT system.